Bluepoint Reportedly Revealing New Game At PS5 Event

With many leaks, rumors, and official teases coming across time, enthusiasts are more interested than Bluepoint Games’ next huge job. The programmer supporting 2018’s richly acclaimed author of Shadow of the Colossus also as 2015’s The Nathan Drake Collection, it has been common knowledge for a while that the studio is currently working on its grand remake up to now.

Many have theorized that, whatever this long-awaited job ends up to be, Bluepoint Games will announce its own presence in the PS5 show later today, Together with the time feeling ideal to create a massive statement. It appears the Jason Schreier of Bloomberg and the journalist teasing on Twitter wholeheartedly agree, which Bluepoint lovers will be very pleased once the conference airs at a couple of hours’ time.

Tweeting concerning the PS5 show , Schreier asserts”most of everything I have learned about is public or heavily rumored,” replying a fan who requested the journalist for a number of tips about what to expect from the broadcast.

With regards to what the latest release of Bluepoint is, It Appears that an Overwhelming amount of flows and rumors have pointed towards the name being a Demon Souls movie . As many will know, the cult-classic has been the start of the Soulsborne genre, together with From Software’s first dive to its famously challenging RPG formula causing the considerably more iconic launch of Dark Souls at 2011. Others have promised Bluepoint’s remake may be Metal Gear Solid, Jak and Daxter, Legacy of Kain, or the Legend of Dragoon.

Some have claimed more lately that Bluepoint is functioning on a Bloodborne PS5 remaster along with the evolution of its own Demon Souls remake. All In all, it appears the company is currently working on several projects Fans can understand precisely what these forthcoming releases Are now. Alongside the name of Bluepoint, many are expecting That blockbuster statements like Horizon two or God of War two will So that it goes without saying that Sony’s be contained at the seminar First PlayStation 5 display occasion will be one to see regardless.

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