Demon Souls Remake Announced For PS5

Bluepoint Games is Growing the PS5 Movie of 2009’s Demon’s Souls, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced.

This is not a remaster, as you can see, it’s a remake of this game which spawned Bloodborne in addition to the Souls series.

Speaking of Bloodborne, the statement of a Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake corroborates rumours that Bloodborne attracted and would be remastered to PC and PS5.

The Souls PS5 reveal of the Demon could mean we’ll hear something soon, although we didn’t get news of a Bloodborne to remaster during the event.

The PS5 event made no mention of a PC interface for the Demon’s Souls remake, and also the rumour says it’s starting as a PS5 exclusive.

It may be brought to the PC at some point shortly, but for today Demon’s Souls PS5 is currently appearing like an exclusive.

Sadly, Sony stopped short of committing any footage, but the cinematics Look incredible.

The PS5 that is precisely what all footage’s grunt At the Future of Gaming event is running on actually benefits the gloomy, Character of From Software’s original. Prepare to be beaten down, Again and again, while marvelling in the passing animations The time.

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