Fortnite Leak Gives A Closer Look At The Agency After Device Event

We, like the majority of you, are ready to get our hands on Fortnite Season 3. We are running out the clock Season 2 with what little content we have, including a fake map theory that bamboozled some areas of the web, yesterday.

We are now in, what this author likes to call, “the fashion show days” of Fortnite Season two. There isn’t much going on in the means of news, so we’re stuck looking at possible leaks and theories for the year and the event.

It revealed a clearer picture of how the Device Event will be looked after by The Agency. We’re heard that whatever occurs during this occasion will destroy The Agency, but only had a few glimpses as to what it’ll look like. These renderings provide us with a clearer image.

The Agency has a hole at its middle as you may see. This will be where the Doomsday Device is stored and activated. At some point, the device will blow a hole at the POI above.

It will be interesting to see how much loot is leftover after this event. We can presume that The Agency will remain until Season 3, that gives players two and a half days to learn more about the POI that is altered in its destroyed state.

Like that the Agency won’t face destruction, it looks — for the remainder. We’ll have to see if the walls Stand in Season 3. We believe that some remnants of all of the Season 2 POIs will Stay intact after Season two, but that’s only a theory. We’ll know for sure in a single week.

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