Fortnite Season 3 Map Leak Confirmed

There Is a Good Deal of unrest from the Fortnite community since the Path to Season 3 comes to a close.

The light at the end of the tube is almost here, and it is cause for celebration, although the season has been trying for plays on account of the extensions.

One thing is how many escapes Before the beginning of a year that amount to nothing.

Most Lately, a”leaked” picture of the Season 3 map was going around that reveal large parts of the plan submerged, which could be based on what people were anticipating.

The founder of the escape has come out and explicitly stated the layout is fake.

The map that’s circulating across the many social networking platforms was verified to be fake with its founder ea skate concepts.

People that are involved with all the Fortnite scene can recognise this title and understand he likes to think of all kinds of theories and designs.

It is disappointing to see that this is a fake, And also to establish that it’s, he revealed he left the picture. He even took a screenshot of the map and covered pieces and bits of it.

The way makes it appear believable. Therefore we can not fault people for being honest.

Can The Map Flood?

The concept that the map will flood is outrageous Though this map was verified to be an imitation.

We’ve received two distinct indications this will take place, so many fans are considering it as an issue of time until it occurs.

Fortnite Two days season 3 occurs Before that if the map floods, that’ll be the time it Will appears.

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