A New Game For PS5 Is About A Cat Living Among Robots

Stray is an upcoming PS5 game starring a kitty dropped at a neon-lit future where robots have taken over.

Kowloon May seem like only the sort of dialogue that may happen over beverages onto a sunny Summer day in France because Stray looks lovely and we’re all the greater because of it.

What your feline’s objectives are – the robots slumping across the streets kitty’s presence – however, Viv suggested there would be components of stealth, puzzle-solving, and also”rapid” activity.

Exploring the planet, we are building feels refreshing once you are slipping underneath a cacarr walking the rooftops with all the current inhabitants under oblivious of your presence.

You’ll be able to roam the city both at street level and up high on the tops of buildings, defend yourself against robotic threats, and become buddies with the flying drone named B12.

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